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Kuro Dining

A casual convivial style of dining, with seating for 40 diners. Featuring a relaxed, à la carte experience and Chef’s special menu.

Please email us at if there aren't any slots available at your desired time.

Teramoto by Kuro

Teramoto by Kuro  offers an intimate, fine dining degustation for just 10 guests. Offering an upscale culinary experience put together by Taka Teramoto.

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368 Kent St, Sydney(02) 9262 1350Parking Info


Japanese bartending evolved due to cultural isolation from the trends that shaped bartending in the rest of the world. Because of this, Japanese bartenders have developed their own, highly distinctive style of bartending. To watch a Japanese mixologist in action is to witness a restrained grace; the ritual they follow being intimate, personal and theatrical.


No reservations are required for Kuro Bar.